December 7, 2022

Download Gt TV mod apk v02.13.082 for Android

Name Gt TV
Category Entertainment
Size 22.2MB
Popularity 3507
Publisher 亞太電信
Score 6.0
Publish Date 24/11/2022
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Mod Info:


Gt TV Game Introduction :

Gt TV provides three types of pavilions: TV pavilion, on-demand pavilion, 5G pavilion, etc., letting the infinite excitement move your perspective:
The TV hall contains (over) more than 150 live high-definition channels, including news/sports/movies/variety/drama/children/music…and many other types of channels ~ to meet your TV leisure and entertainment needs in your life!
[24 hours uninterrupted companionship]
News: Live synchronization of domestic and foreign affairs
Movies and dramas: popular movies in Europe, America and Asia
Children\’s animation: high-quality screening for cute babies and kids aged 2~10
Variety entertainment: those who accompany you to spend the night and weekend leisure time
Comprehensive: There are more good shows that you did not expect to accompany you to kill time
Sports: an unmissable event, a glorious look back
Music: Realize the feast of music platform without borders

The on-demand hall contains more than a thousand on-demand programs, regardless of film/drama/travel/stage play/parent-child programs/training courses…and many other types of programs, allowing you to watch anytime you want!

In response to the characteristics of 5G applications, the 5G hall provides a variety of entertainment content, including 4K multi-view live concerts or music programs, so that exciting entertainment is at your fingertips!

Gt TV Game screenshot :

Gt TV(手機專用)

Gt TV(手機專用)

Gt TV(手機專用)

Gt TV(手機專用)

Gt TV (22.2MB)

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