December 7, 2022

Download Todo & Alarm Clock mod apk v4.7.2 for Android

Name Todo & Alarm Clock
Category Productivity
Popularity 4721
Publisher Alarm Clock & Todo List
Score 6.0
Publish Date 24/11/2022
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Mod Info:

Todo & Alarm Clock

Todo & Alarm Clock Game Introduction :

We are a small startup team from China that has been pursuing the goal of creating valuable and meaningful gadgets for our users since we started our business and want to really help them solve their real-life problems. We found that users often encounter the following scenarios:

– Forgetting that they have to work today and oversleeping
– You have a meeting with your colleagues, but no one reminds you when it\’s time, which is embarrassing
– Trying to get into the habit of drinking water every day, but forgetting for various reasons
– I should be reminded to do something romantic on the anniversary with my partner, but I often forget to do it because of many things.
– I always forget to take my medicine when I\’m sick

At this moment, I think if there is an app that can help me to be more and more punctual, not to miss important meetings because there are many things to do, and can make me develop the application of drinking water and taking medicine on time, it should be able to act like a little assistant in life and help me to deal with many things. It will make our life more rhythmic, reduce stress and release anxiety.

RemindMe was developed by our small team of 4 people with these factors in mind. We found that the alarm clocks on the market were boring, we couldn\’t customize the background of our favorite alarm clocks, we couldn\’t set the repetition rules of the alarm clocks flexibly, and we were always not satisfied with them. So we let users choose their own local ringtones and also allow them to choose their favorite ringtones from the internet when setting their alarms. The alarm clock can also be set with a local picture background or choose your favorite picture style from the web. We have also made a careful design for how to repeat the alarm, users can create the alarm by multiple different repeats, such as repeat by week, repeat by every weekday, repeat by every month, repeat by every month of the year, or even customize the repeat rule to ensure important things are not missed.

In addition, we also want to help users in a more proactive way. For example, we have self-affirmation modules where users can read these quotes when they need encouragement and self-confidence to reduce their stress. Through our different courses, you can also improve yourself from different angles. We have meditation courses, fat burning courses, cycling courses, reading courses and deep breathing courses through which you can exercise yourself and become more fulfilled both physically and mentally.

We hope that more users will be willing to support us and give us the motivation to continue doing it.

Todo & Alarm Clock Game screenshot :

Todo & Alarm Clock

Todo & Alarm Clock

Todo & Alarm Clock

Todo & Alarm Clock

Todo & Alarm Clock

Todo & Alarm Clock ()

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